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Harem of Spike Awards [entries|friends|calendar]
Harem of Spike Awards

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MOD POST [07 Mar 2009|06:02pm]

I am posting this to all journals I mod so apologies if you get this several times!

It seems there is truth to the community hi-jack posts going around. So I'm posting this warning, better safe than sorry.

jans_intentions has details HERE

Basically someone is going around taking over Mod's LJ's deleting their personal journals, deleting their communities content and posting to those communities saying the community is closing. If you see a post like that DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS they are said to infect your computer with spyware.

If your are a Mod you can take steps to prevent this:
Look into backing up your jounal - I use LJ archive
Set a security question HERE
Remove your old email addresses from LJ HERE

What to do if this does happen?
Report it HERE

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Last minute details [23 Apr 2007|11:12pm]

Sorry I was away for a bit; do any of you watch Heroes? You'll understand. GUH. Those people are more merciless about cliffhangers than I am!

At any rate, just wanted to clear some things up:

Threesomes have been requested and will most definitely be in the next round; sorry! Should've made that a very positive note in the last post. That's not even a question anymore; we want the threesomes! ^_^ The rules and regs are still being plotted out behind the scenes.

Also, please remember as you vote for pairings that ANY pairings involving Xander, Buffy, and/or Angel(us) are NOT allowed here. We only want the other characters. This rule may be more loosely defined when it comes down to the threesomes, but like I said, rules and regs are being worked out, along with the kinks. Well, not all the kinks. We like kinks. ^_^

Thanks for voting guys, and please continue to vote for what you thought and what you're thinking now and, if you can, what you'll be thinking of when the next round hits. We need those thoughts to shape us into where we're headed next!

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Mods jumping in to see what you think! [23 Apr 2007|08:19pm]

Hey guys! *waves* Okay, we had a few questions for you guys, based on how round 1 went. Remember, this is very much a work in progess and a learning experience for us, so any and all input matters and is worth a million plus! ^_^ Help us make this award site better!

Okay. We struggled to fill two female categories for round 1, and noticed that Spike/Other Female went full FAST. We're asking your opinion here!

Poll #972099 On the subject of the women...

If we replaced Spike/Harmony and/or Spike/Joyce, what should be put in their stead?

Spike/another female not listed in the awards or here (see text box below)

Okay, if not Cordelia or Illyria, who should it be?

Now, we move on to the guys. Again, we had a few that simply wouldn't fill up, so we want to know what you think.

Poll #972100 On the subject of the men...

If we replaced Spike/Lindsey, Spike/Oz, and/or Spike/Original Male, what should be put in their stead?

Spike/Original and Other Male
Spike/another male not listed (see text box below)
Ticky! Again!

Okay, if not the guys in the awards or mentioned above, then who gets your vote?

Finally, the most important bit: which category could you see easily meshing with another? As in, we got rid of the award for that specific pairing and turned it into Spike/Other Male?

Simply put, which award did you think didn't get enough nominees and should be outed for another pairing?

Poll #972101 Which one?

Which pairing should've been grouped into Spike/Other Male or Female?

Spike/Original Male
Spike/Original Female

Tired of polls yet? Okay. We'll make this last question easy as pie.

Poll #972102 Pick.

Select your favorite character.


We're not telling why or what we're using that last one for. Just trust us.

We also have NO CLUE when we're going to do round 2; we have to work it out, and right now, we're focusing on our sister site, fandom_of_stars. But we wanted to keep you all aware of what was going on!

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Spike/William Awards up! [23 Apr 2007|07:30pm]

Sorry for the wait. The Spike/William Awards are now up HERE Congrats to all the winners :D

And while I'm here, here's a list of all posts containing awards for our winners:
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And last but not least... [22 Apr 2007|08:23pm]

We had tons of people nominate for our very first round, but we had one person who went above and beyond to recognize the people whose talents we adore. This award is to recognize that, and to give a huge THANK YOU to stretfordditto!!

Thank you so much sweetie for your very appreciated work! ^_^

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Last bits of Judge's Choices! [22 Apr 2007|08:15pm]

Spike/Faith has also just been added to the previous Spike/Females list, so make sure you check that out. Spike/William will be posted as soon as is possible.

But for now, these are the last of the awards: the final judge's choices. Congrats guys!!

And the judges chose...Collapse )

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Round 1 Winners Pt 3 [22 Apr 2007|05:39pm]

Judges Choice for the Spike/Male categories and Best Author & Best Graphics in this post.

Best categories and Judges choice AwardsCollapse )
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Winners of the Spike/Female divisions! [22 Apr 2007|12:55pm]

The Spike/Faith will be posted here when it's finished; we'll make a separate post to update everyone on when that occurs.

The words under each award are the words from the judges.

Awards for the Spike/Female categories!Collapse )

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Round #1 Winners Pt1 [22 Apr 2007|05:17pm]

Hey Guys! It's award time :D

We're doing this in 4 posts for ease of loading. It's the guys up first, then Spike/Female followed by the Judges choices in 2 posts with the Best Graphics and Best Author.

Congratulations to all the winners AND all the nominees - even if you didn't get a shiny this time someone thought your work merited one so well done :D

AWARDS for Spike/Male CategoriesCollapse )
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Hey guys! [28 Mar 2007|08:08pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Wee update for you.

We are still in the judging stage and the winners will be announced 22 April as planned.

As for fandom_of_stars nominations close in 3 days!! Get you lovely noms in please! Make someones day! And it really does- noms can really brighten things up! Lets see if we can't fill all the categories right up. Fandom lives and now is your chance to thank those keeping it that way and making it fun and for just being themselves. *nudges you*

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Nominating ends TONIGHT! [23 Feb 2007|05:26pm]

Sorry I haven't updated the nominee list; things have been a bit hectic.

The list as it stands right now is:

Spike/Other Female
Spike/Original Female
Best Graphics
Best Author

Spike/Dru: 1 left
Spike/Other Male: 1 left
Spike/Fred: 2 left
Spike/Giles: 2 left
Spike/Lindsey: 2 left
Spike/Riley: 2 left
Spike/Harmony: 3 left
Spike/Faith: 3 left
Spike/Wesley: 3 left
Spike/William: 3 left
Spike/Oz: 3 left
Spike/Joyce: 4 left
Spike/Original Male: 7 left

All of the above except the last category will be judged for sure. Nominations must be in by midnight of tonight, wherever you are in the world. I'm on Eastern Standard Time in the USA, so when I get up tomorrow, whatever nominees came in from Friday will be accepted, and the others will not. Got it?

Good. Here's your last chance to nom!

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Post-It Note... [25 Jan 2007|10:33pm]

[ mood | busy ]

When it comes to the nominations, we only have pairings at this point in time. You MUST make sure that the fic has the pairing intended in the category, or it will be deleted. I appreciate everyone nominating all of these things, but there's been a few here and there where even the authors have declined the nomination, saying their story simply doesn't fit into the category.

PLEASE read the rules. Next round, we hope to do gen-fic and trio-fic categories, but right now, we're putting them in as best as possible.

I've rearranged the nominee numbers in the previous post respectively.

I'm disabling comments because I don't want anyone to feel guilty; as my dance teacher wisely told me once, "If the dancers don't understand the dance you're choreographing, they're not to blame for misunderstanding it: you're to blame for not making it understanding." I apologize guys; I'll try to make the rules more clear.


Nominees for Round 1 [21 Jan 2007|07:15pm]

Remember, only 10 nominees per category, so get those nominations in!

PLEASE check the list of nominees first before nominating so as not to double-nominate what's already listed!

And the nominees are...Collapse )

~The Mods
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My turn ^__^ [21 Jan 2007|09:59pm]

Welcome to harem_of_spike ^___^

The wonderful, amazing and truly talented authoressnebula Has just posted the nomination form, so get those nomiantions in. Only 10 allowed per category so hurry and make sure you get in there ~___^

All the rules and such are in the user-info as well as a pimp button, so please spread the word!

Here's an icon for the Judges if they wish to use it:

And thank you to you all for taking part and helping us make this community a reality *hugs*

~ Mods
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Welcome to the Harem of Spike Awards [21 Jan 2007|04:26pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

This community is dedicated completely to the lesser pairings of Spike that don't always get the spotlight. There will be NO


fiction or graphics allowed here. We're interested in the rest of the cast with Spike.

Take a peek at our profile for the rules, categories, and nominee buttons.

We're a work in progress; categories may be added or discarded, depending on the nominees of the first round. We hope you'll be willing to grow and work with us on this incredible project. ^_^

If you need to contact either of us mods, we'll breathe fire at you and tell you to go away. *grins* You can contact either of us at any time for anything, whether it be a question, a comment, a note, ANYTHING. Our contact info's in the profile as well.

So please, spread the word, and nominate someone today! The nomination form will be going live in just a few short minutes.

~The Mods

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